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The Studfarm
  The embryo
The daring initiative of a group of persons who established the principles and the groundwork of classical riding in Pernambuco…
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  by Roberto de Souza Leão Filho (founder of Souza Leão Studfarm).

A 1.200 hectare property of highly mineralized soil where the stallions, mares and foals are bred in the most naturally possible way.
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  Training Center
Recife - Pernambuco

The Studfarm's Headquarters with its excellent training framework where the young horses coming from the Breeding Center are iniciated in the sport. 
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This is where the horses are trained and prepared to participate in the main jumping competitions on the national equestrian calendar.
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  Watch here videos and pictures of Souza Leão Studfarm’s past publicity.
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TRAINING CENTER RECIFE - PE l Rua Dias D'Ávila, s/n - Várzea, Recife - PE - Brazil - Zip Code: 50.980-330
Phone: 55 81 2128.2525 / Fax: 55 81 3271.3557 | csl@coudelariasouzaleao.com.br http://www.facebook.com/coudelaria.leao