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The embryo


The first germs of the stud farm Souza Leão emerged when four-year-old Roberto de Souza Leão Filho received a present from his father: his first horse. 

Two years later, in 1956, his father, Roberto de Souza Leão and a small group of friends, started building the first installations for the riding sport in Pernambuco at the Caxangá Golf and Country Club in the city of Recife. 

Thus, in a subliminal way, two seeds were planted which during the following years germinated and brought fruit: The Equestrian Centers and Federations of the Northern and Northeastern regions of Brazil and the studfarm Souza Leão. 

Always motivated by the passion and obstination for horses and the sport, Souza Leão Studfarm, founded in 1981, today is the most complete structure for the breeding and training of riding horses of the Americas.

This bold initiative was a precious inheritance from these pioneers who will always be remembered:


Roberto de Souza Leão
Dr. Petrônio Muniz
Gen. Silvio de Melo Cahú
Mr. William Thompson Jack
Mr. Petrônio Barbosa
Dr. Abidísio Lemos (veterinarian)
Col. Joaquim Xavier
Dr. Leonardo Coutinho
Col. Francisco Rabelo Leite
Dr. Fausto Pontual
Col. Ernesto Jucá
Mr. Alberto Vianna
Dr. Tomé Dias Sobrinho
Mr. Roberto Maçães



Roberto de Souza Leão Filho riding SL Sabre, one of his beloved horses.
Breeding Center - Pernambuco
Training Center - Pernambuco
Training Center - São Paulo
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