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The breeding of horses is a highly specialized activity and exacts craftsmanship. Something new is learned every day. In many ways it is similar to the work of a winegrower whose only way to learn to make good wine is through manifold experimentations and thorough study of the grapes, the soil, the climate and the weather.

Just like the producer of wine, the horse breeder has to be persistent and patient. He needs to know about nutrition, handling, reproduction, veterinary medicine, taming, training and all the details of breeding. But above all, the breeder must know perfectly well the genetics of his animals and the function they are destined for; in our case the equestrian sport.

The essence of our breed lies in genetic combinations of proven success demonstrated by the results on courses all over the world. This goes together with an intense closeness of animals and trainers where each animal is constantly observed and appraised. After nearly 30 years, we acquired much knowledge about the families of our broodmares and studs, as well as about the transmission capacity of each one of them.

The success and satisfaction of our clients with their SL horses is the driving force behind our breed.

This way, Souza Leão Studfarm puts on the market its system of direct sale, offering special assistance so as to lead you to the SL horse most suited to your level of riding skill. Our training department will give you all the necessary guidance for you to make the best choice and optimize your results and your satisfaction in the sport.

We have a thorough knowledge of every one of our horses' individuality and quality, since besides always looking for the best genetic combinations, we live closely with our animals from the moment they are born and through all stages of their development and training. We observe their unfolding and the evolution of their performance, always searching for more precision in the assessment of their potentialities. The animals' values are adjusted according to these assessments and their stage in training.

Souza Leão Studfarm makes available for sale animals of all levels of age and training:

- Foals at the age of 6 months.
Foals at the age of 2 years (not broken in).
Foals at the age of 3 years (broken in and jumping free).
Animals in training and ready for competition (jumping with rider).
Animals already competing in several classes from 1,00m to 1,50 / 1,60m.

With our system of direct sale, the buyer can be certain to make the right purchase without needing to resort to middlemen, who generally increase the final price of the horse because of commissions and overpricing. This is a transparent way to shield who buys and who sells.

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