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Agreement seals Studfarm Souza Leao’s return to the ABCCH

We have the honor to announce to our partners and customers Souza Leão Studfarm’s return to the Brazilian Sport Horse Breeders’ Association - ABCCH. The meeting which sealed this agreement took place at the Association’s headquarters in São Paulo on June 15 in the presence of Mr. Antonio Celso Fortino and Mr. Luiz Antonio Rocco, president and general secretary of the ABCCH, respectively, and the actual directors of the Studfarm, Joaquim and João Felipe de Souza Leão.

The talks were initiated in 2008 when Roberto de Souza Leão Filho was still head of the SL Breed. Matters like greater rigor in the criteria of stallion and dam selection, as well as the use of DNA paternity tests, motivated the rapprochement between the Studfarm and the Association.

The SL Studfarm is going to submit its herd’s genealogy to the control of the Brazilian Sport Horse Stud Book (SBBCH), continuing its task to assess and record the functional performance of their animals, according to the criteria for the Technical Project of the SL Horse.

We are certain that our breed, as well as the race of the  Brazilian Riding Horse, will become even stronger with this alliance, and we believe that this is the way for the Brazilian breed to reach ever higher levels in the world scenario.

To read the official news on the ABCCH site, please click here.

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