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    SL Baluarte definitively approved

SL Baluarte, (Baloubet du Rouet x SL Valete) was definitively approved as stallion of the Brazilian Riding Horse (BH) Studbook.

           The ABCCH’s 2010 Stallions Approval took place during the days of  August 3rd  and 7th at the Helvetia Riding Center in Indaiatuba, São Paulo. Three of the stallion’s progeny were presented for the Judging Comission’s analysis – the usual procedure for stallions who receive preliminary approval, which was given for the first time at this event.

            The presented animals were SL Bernardo II and SL Brazonado from the Studfarm Coudelaria Souza Leão, as well as Marcel Vinícius Monteiros’s SL Buchicho, a brown three-year-old foal, who produced applause and comments during his free jumping presentations.

It was one more excellent result for Coudelaria Souza Leão, confirming this beautiful white stallion who will certainly be an important contribution to the  Brazilian Riding Horse’s genetic improvement.


SL Baluarte (Baloubet du Rouet x SL Valete)

SL Bernardo II - SL Baluarte - SL Viena II (Weissgold)

SL Brazonado - SL Baluarte - SL Soberana (Silvestre)


SL Buchicho - SL Baluarte - SL Soraya (Silvestre)

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Photos: Sidney Araújo

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